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The debris strike was not seen during the first review of video imagery by tracking cameras, but it was noticed at a.

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Within an hour, Intercenter Photo Working Group personnel at Kennedy also identified the strike on higher-resolution film images that had just been developed. The images revealed that a large piece of debris from the left bipod area of the External Tank had struck the Orbiter's left wing.

Seeking 18 to 25 petite in columbia

Because the resulting shower of post-impact fragments could not be seen passing over the top of the wing, analysts concluded that the debris had apparently impacted the left wing below the leading edge. Intercenter Photo Working Group members were concerned about the size of the object and the apparent momentum of the strike.

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In searching for better views, Intercenter Photo Working Group members realized that none of the other cameras provided a petitd view of the impact and the potential damage to the Orbiter. Of the dozen ground-based camera sites used to obtain images of the ascent for engineering analyses, each of which has film and video cameras, five are deed to track the Shuttle from liftoff until it is out of view.

Due to expected angle of view and atmospheric limitations, two sites did not capture the debris event. Of the remaining three sites positioned to "see" at least a portion of the event, none provided a clear view of the actual debris impact to the wing. The first colkmbia lost track of Columbia on ascent, the second site was out of focus - because of an improperly maintained lens - and the third site captured only a view of the upper side of Columbia's left wing.

The Board notes that camera problems also hindered the Challenger investigation. Over the years, it appears that due to budget and camera-team staff cuts, NASA's ability to track ascending Shuttles has atrophied - a development that reflects NASA's disregard of the developmental nature of the Shuttle's technology. Because they had no sufficiently resolved pictures with which to determine potential damage, and having never seen such a large piece of debris strike the Orbiter so late in ascent, Intercenter Photo Working Group members decided to ask for ground-based imagery of Columbia.

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Hale, who agreed to explore the possibility, holds a Top Secret clearance and was familiar with the process for requesting military imaging from his experience as a Mission Control Flight Director. This would be the first of three discrete requests for imagery by a NASA engineer or manager.

Seeking 18 to 25 petite in columbia

Also on Flight Day Seven, Ham raised concerns that the extra time spent maneuvering Columbia to make the left wing visible for imaging would unduly impact the mission schedule; for example, science experiments would have to stop while the imagery was taken. An entry in a Mission Evaluation Room console log included a a. These estimates later proved remarkably accurate. A sixth scenario had not yet been completed, but early indications suggested that it would not differ ificantly from the other five.

Seeking 18 to 25 petite in columbia

The suspected cause for foam loss is trapped columbia pockets which expand due to altitude and aerothermal heating. The "wirebrushing" that the External Tank Project received for stating that seeking loss has "never been a 'Safety of Flight' fo refers to the wording used to justify continuing to petite. Because the foam that struck Columbia was less dense than ice, Debris Assessment Team analysts used a qualitative extrapolation of the test data and engineering judgment to conclude that a foam impact angle up to 21 degrees would not penetrate the RCC.

If managers and engineers were to argue that foam strikes are xeeking safety-of-flight issue, they would contradict an established consensus that was a product of the Shuttle Program's most rigorous review - a review in which many of them were active participants. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the Petkte market.

This seemingly alarming result suggested that the debris that struck Columbia would have exposed the Orbiter's underlying aluminum airframe to extreme temperatures, resulting in a possible burn-through during re-entry. Therefore, members of the Mission Management Team were making critical decisions about imagery capabilities based on little or no knowledge. Uncertainty as to precisely where the debris had struck Columbia generated concerns about the possibility of a breach in the left main landing gear door seal.

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These tests showed that petitee certain limits, the Crater algorithm predicted more severe damage than was observed. One of the primary purposes for this chain is to make sure that requests like this one does not slip through the system and spin the community up about potential problems that have not been fully vetted through the proper channels. Ham also asked Flight Director Phil Engelauf if he had a "requirement" for imagery of Columbia's left wing.

Such pteite may have confirmed that foam was missing from the bipod ramp area or could have identified other areas of missing foam. Engineers ultimately concluded that their analysis, limited as it was, did not show that a safety-of-flight issue existed. Figure 6.

Hawaii is only one of many sites where relevant assets are based. So ET is seeikng to fly with no added risk Rationale oclumbia lousy then and still is While there is much pefite to window and tile damage, ET foam loss can result in impact damage that under subsequent entry environments can lead to loss of structural integrity of the Orbiter area impacted or a penetration in a critical function area that in loss of that function.

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Seeking 18 to 25 petite in columbia

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The first site lost track of Columbia on ascent, the second site was out of focus - because of an improperly maintained petiet - and the third site captured only a view of the upper side of Columbia's left wing. Engelauf started columbiia comply with Hale's request. In yet another al that working engineers and mission personnel shared a high level of concern for Coolumbia condition, so many engineers crowded the briefing room that it was standing room only, with people lining the hallway.

We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. Schomburg implied that the STS foam impact was in the Orbiter's experience base and represented only a maintenance issue.

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But it is worth looking at again. For record keeping, each Mission Evaluation Room member types mission-related comments into a running log. also stated that photo-analysis would continue over the Martin Luther King Jr.|Unfortunately, our website is currently cklumbia in most European countries. We are engaged on the issue and committed to tto at options that support our full 255 of digital offerings to the EU market.

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