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View and update profile item details. You can also use this to add a profile item.

Add, update, or view profile items that are related to a selected profile item. View all effective-dated rows for a profile item. Lists the profile procile that are saved, pending approval, or have been denied approval.

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You can edit saved items only; items that have been submitted for approval can't be changed. Lists the job profiles from which you can copy profile items. Select the profile from which you want to copy profile items and click the Select button. The system adds the profile items to the employee's profile. Lists the job profiles that are related to an employee's job data.

Select persom profile that you want to view and click the Pdofile button. The Non-person Profile is displayed.

Import file

Transfers profile items between employees' profiles and their career plan. View the syndication source and target profiles.

You can also remove syndicated content from this. Search for profile identities to add to the profild. Search for profile associations to add to the profile. Lists the changes that have been made to the person profile.

Introduction to the person profile

Click the Submit button to submit the changes for preson or click Cancel to return to the Person Profile. Lists the changes that have been made to the non-person profile. This diagram illustrates how you complete the Degrees person section by selecting from profiel such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Business Administration, all hoa which are defined in the content catalog: Adding items to profiles by selecting from the content catalog Note.

Add and update profile groups for a profile. Tabs consist of one or more content sections.

Add a person or profile

All changes to the profile profile be submitted, whether approval is required or not, for the new, deleted and changed items proflle appear on the profile. This section includes links that indicate tl many fo items are saved but not submitted for approvalpending approval, approved, or were denied approval. Profile associations are entities, such as ePerformance templates, that are outside of the Manage Profiles business process.

Review syndication exceptions. The associated routing definitions are active.

How to profile a person

Owner Select the how ID of the profile owner. For example, if you link a profile to a job code, the system checks whether job code is specified as an end profile or template in the profile type.

How to profile a person

The system displays the Copy Items from Job Profilewhich lists the profiles related to the employee's active jobs. These are known as syndication exceptions. ❶Import content into a non-person profile from another profile or from the content catalog.

Understand the elements of a person's profile

Understanding Profile Copy, Import, and Syndication Often the same profile items appear in related profiles. When you import content, the system copies the profile items from the source profile into the target profile. Employees and managers cannot view template profiles. Profile Type Select the profile type for the new profile. On the Non-person Profilethe Profile Associations person area lists any entities to which the profile is associated.

The fields on this are determined by the profile type associated with how profile. Syndication exceptions occur when an content item is syndicated from multiple source profiles but has different property values from each source profile. Review syndication exception details. Setting Up Syndication Syndication reduces maintenance by enabling administrators to set up common content once in a source profile and copy it to profile target profiles.

How to profile a person

When you select a tab, the system displays the content sections defined for that tab. Search for profile identities to add to the profile. The system displays the Copy Items from Job Profilewhich lists the profiles related to the employee's active jobs.|Setting Up and Working with Approvals Maintaining Profiles This section provides oerson of profiles and profile types, profile copy, import, and syndication, lists prerequisites and common elements, and discusses how to: Create and update person profiles.

Create and update non-person profiles. Add and update profile groups for a profile.

How to profile a person

Enter additional profile information. Add, update, and view profile item details.

Suggested templates and examples of person profile summaries

Add related profile items. View syndication sources and targets. Select profiles for import or syndication. Add and update profile identities. Add and update profile associations.

How to profile a person

Submit changes to person profiles. Submit changes to non-person profiles.] With profiles, you can keep all your Chrome info separate, like bookmarks, history, passwords, and other Choose the person or profile you want to switch to. Managing Profiles.

What's the difference between user s and person profiles?

This chapter provides an overview of profile management and discusses how to: Maintain profiles. Approve profile changes. Search and. Jan 19, — Keep the conversation flowing by asking questions. Make sure to be cognizant of any slang, exaggerations, sarcasm, self-criticism, or gossip, as.

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